“In an increasingly digital world the trust that brands build with their customers will ultimately determine their success.

Winning brands will be those that are trusted with the customer’s data and only brands with this trust will know what the customer wants, when they want it and, most importantly, why they want it.”

Stephen Bennett - founder

What is Allfiled?

Allfiled is the Trust Platform behind businesses who put their customers first.

Allfiled powers personal data driven experiences to enable truly customer centric solutions.

Allfiled is the first independent trust platform. We make the management and compliance of personal data easy for businesses who put their customer’s interests first.

We believe that individuals are, well, individual. Each of us has our own unique life and circumstances. We all like to be respected as individuals, with our own personal likes, dislikes, wants and needs.

Allfiled allows people to be treated as individuals, while at the same time helping them to build trusted relationships with businesses and organisations.

Each person can easily manage the sharing of information about themselves and their life, to enable businesses and organisations to provide better services and products in a timely, relevant and if appropriate, a personalised way.

Complete privacy and maximum security is assured at all times. Only the information the individual expressly trusts to an organisation is made available for use, and under terms that allows the individual to withdraw that trust as easily as it was granted.

To learn more about how Allfiled can help your business build better trusted relationships with your customers give us a call today.

Customer centric solutions

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